What difference NLP makes to YOU

What difference will NLP make to YOU?

The most powerful development and growth you’ll ever undergo, that will make the most significant difference to you as an individual, will not come from skills you don’t already have… it will come from connecting with, understanding and learning to adjust and expand the exceptional knowledge and hidden immeasurable abilities you already have within you.

This is why we love doing what we do. Training and facilitating people on their NLP journey to reach new discoveries and realisations of how utterly amazing they are, we have to say, is exceptionally rewarding.

For YOU: Advanced communications skills, Ability to let go of limiting beliefs, Positive outlook, Increased feelings of confidence, Understanding of how to achieve your own goals.

Work, Health, Sport, Home, Education, Coaching
For WORK: New negotiation skills, Creative problem solving, Embracing change, Effective team work and communication

For HEALTH: Achieving your goals whether psychological or physical. Replacing unhelpful, unhealthy states with positive helpful resources

For SPORT: Defining clear goals, Pushing boundaries, Planning achievable outcomes, Clear focus

For HOME: Understanding verbal and non verbal cues, Using metaphor (great with kids!), Adapt communication to engage

For EDUCATION: Advanced communications skills , Enhanced studying techniques, Strategy improvement

For COACHING: Using NLP to coach others to move from problem to solution, whether it be private coaching clients, customers, patients, colleagues or friends!

A member of our team, Anna, joined us in 2014 and wrote a short article about her experience after successfully completing both the NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner courses:-

Gone surfing! Discovering a new world through NLP


I first heard about Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) about 7 years ago when I worked for a healthcare insurance company and I’ve had an interest in the subject ever since. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to complete both the NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner courses since joining Beyond.

They were most certainly challenging, pushed me beyond my limits, hurt my head and from time to time left me feeling perplexed and somewhat bewildered. And, they were the best courses I have EVER been on!

I’ve spent so many years allowing so many limiting beliefs to stop me from doing things. I’ve suffered with anxiety, been terribly self-conscious, worried far too much about what other people thought and had a constant fear of making myself ‘look stupid’. So I did what I thought was the only option… nothing! I decided by not doing any of the things that might result in any of the above, then I was safe; and very effectively created my own confined maximum-security prison.

Several people have asked me how NLP has benefitted me and whether it’s something that is for personal or professional development? I’ve found it incredibly empowering first of all on a personal level because I’m now discovering all kinds of new opportunities and doing things that were previously WAY out of my comfort zone. For example, I was previously very fearful of swimming in the sea. I’m not a strong swimmer, I don’t like being out of my depth and I was convinced that if I ventured out into the ocean I’d be eaten by a shark! I was aware how ridiculous this sounded and yet it stopped me. In September this year, post NLP training, I went surfing! For two hours! It was like discovering a whole new world with no limits and it’s given me a complete sense of freedom.

Professionally I’ve benefitted from being able to deliver confident training presentations that connect with the entire audience because I know now how to. I’m able to listen, really LISTEN to clients and customers and adapt my communication based on their own preferred style. Most excitingly for me, I’ve been able to coach other people to help them help themselves. A few examples are that I helped someone who was very stressed at their place of work, who had gotten very upset following a complaint, and at the end of our session was laughing and joking and able to see things from a totally new perspective. I’ve worked with someone who was struggling with anxiety over an upcoming exam. When the exam came they were able to feel calm and confident instead. I coached someone who was terrified of flying and was able to reduce that fear in just 45 minutes. Another person asked me to help them dislike red wine, which I did, and now red wine repulses them! Not something I can quite relate to myself mind you…  red wine and I will always be friends!

So for me, it’s all interlinked because once you’ve got this knowledge, once you have these tools and techniques and practical skills, it cannot not benefit you personally, professionally, socially, romantically, and in every which way that makes you YOU! In turn you can share with everyone else around you including colleagues, clients, friends and family.

In a single sentence I’d say you discover your limitless capabilities and realise your own outstanding potential.

Having blown-up the walls of my self-created incarceration, the quote by William W Purkey springs to mind… “Dance like there’s nobody watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt, Sing like there’s nobody listening, Live like it’s heaven on Earth”… because now, I actually do!”

– Anna 🙂