Case studies & testimonials from our Practitioners

Case Studies & Testimonials

The following testimonials are from people who have attended our NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner course plus our Advanced NLP Linguistics workshop (which is the first four days of our Master Pract and can be attended as a stand-alone course).

More testimonials and videos are on their way!

Video testimonials from NLP Practitioner training at the Union Jack Club in London.
It's great to hear how the days have really made a difference for all our attendees!
Adam, Julia, Margaret & AmandaVarious NHS
Thanks Jo - you are simply amazing! Thanks for your patience and time you invested in me I really appreciate  it. Your laughter and friendliness is second to none. I wish I did this course/training earlier. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.
Jo acted as a supportive facilitator, enabling a voyage of self discovery and included challenging our our limiting beliefs in a safe and confidential environment. Many thanks Beyond!
Group members were all amazing to work with. Jo and Andy are talented, generous and very dependable. Well done and thank you.
A truly inspirational course with practiced tools to enable you to envision and achieve your goals. Jo was a fantastic moderator who helped everyone in the group reach their individual objectives.
Life is often a challenge and we as humans can make matters more challenging because of our thought processes and previous experiences. I wanted to make a difference to my future life and to help others work through and park previous experiences that might be limiting their current lives.

I thought about NLP as it had been recommended to me by a friend. My path crossed with Andy And I believe this was meant to happen...... The experience has been revolutionary. The skills I have learnt have been life changing and the way they were delivered, simply superb !!
MarkNHS Commercial Director of Quintiles
Over the last four days on the Advanced Linguistics module I've gotten a mammoth amount of stuff that I can already see is applicable across the field in so many different contexts.  There’s been a whole load of stuff just in conversational language that I know I can use, as well as stuff that’s more in terms of working at a deeper level with people, and also just building up relationships with people on a deeper level by using language within a conversation. I think you can’t not come on a course like this and naturally work on yourself, it lends itself to, working with yourself and developing yourself as well as using it for other people and I think across the board, kind of within the room, seeing everybody have lightbulb moments, myself included, because you’re just naturally, as you’re practising and experimenting with them, naturally things come up for you that you can then use and naturally you end up then developing yourself. Martin’s training style! He just has an absolute unique gift of getting it across to the group. He, I think caters for absolutely everybody in the room in terms of their different learning styles, and also, the way that he trains. It’s fun, it’s informal, he’s exceptionally supportive and caring about every single person in that room and making sure that they’re safe and okay, and, nurturing and helping people to work on themselves if and when they’re ready to. And if you were thinking of booking on one of our future courses, I'd say Do it!
TamNLP Trainer of Fresh insight Coaching
What I've gained from these last four days on the Advanced Linguistics course has been an opportunity for me to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

The examples have helped me to slot the different things into the correct places. The size of the group as well has been absolutely a bonus because we were able to work, with Martin, and within the group as well, much more easily.

Martin's style is unique! And, it works!

It is a great investment of time, because you will take it with you, you will use it, and it will add value to your life and all who come into contact with you.
VidaRetired Nurse of Kent
I've had a brilliant time going into different NLP models in more detail and more depth, and it was a lot of fun!

Martin’s style is very provocative, and he appears to be leading you one way, and then you find out you’ve actually gone in the opposite direction, and it’s usually good for you!

In fact I’m hoping on the next course we’ll be invited back to help! Because we want to do it again!
BevCompany Director of London
Well I’ve certainly got, out of this four days, a framework with which to apply lots of the NLP models, and the ability to be able to articulate what the problem is and then find out what the resources are that are needed and then to be able to apply those resources to the problem and move the situation or the solution on, for a person or a client. Or for ourselves! Which is really, freeing!

Liberating actually. And certainly the epistemology of communication model has been enlightening, being able to understand that much better, and looking at our values and filters and how much information we actually delete, distort and generalise about.
WendyManager of Children's Charity
Things that stand out are the limiting assumptions that I have made about myself throughout my life and about how I have processed things in my mind. Then, suddenly, eureka...a light bulb moment... this course made me realise that many of these assumptions are just not true! It has given me other ways to think that empower rather than limit me.

I really like the time we had to practice and understand everything and Jo and Andy were great as giving us breaks that allowed us to step back from the intensity of the course. An enlightening, fun  and thought-provoking days in which I learnt so much that can be easily applied in everyday life.

You don’t realise the conversations you have with yourself and how this communication programmes you in negative ways. This course made me realise it doesn’t need to be like that! Learning different ways to understand the structure and effect of my communication with myself (and others) was really powerful. I loved the way the course releases your creativity and unblocks all those “drains” that you have allowed to block over the years in a wonderfully holistic way.

The presentation and explanations were really clear and interesting incorporating lots of different media, like a diamond having lots of different surfaces. What was great was the fact that Andy and Jo are warm and approachable coaches and are completely willing and able to adapt to each individual’s needs and, I feel, made us all feel so at ease.

The course book was fabulous and easy to read. Overall an exciting, invigorating and enlightening course that has empowered me no end. Anything is possible and I am can’t wait to do my Master Practitioner Course with Beyond NLP later this year, it’s going to be fantastic and such good fun!
Jan Coles
I have learned a great deal from your workshop and from observing how you facilitate the group using NLP techniques.

Just recently, I used the values wheel exercise in my team meeting to great effect. We looked at the team values first and then stepping into our commissioners’ shoes we looked at their values for the service. That led very nicely into action planning.

The team was very engaged in the process and everyone contributed. One of the reasons I think this process was so successful is because it created a real sense of ownership of our plans for the year ahead; it also made it very clear for everyone how much the team cares about the work we do.

I look forward to using more NLP techniques with the team!
Marina NHS Stop Smoking Service of London
Prior to attending the NLP course I had taken part in a one-off NLP day. I wasn't sure what to expect, as this time I would be learning NLP to take forward and use as a practitioner.

The main reason for taking part was not to only take on board more NLP but use these strategies in a healthcare setting to benefit the patients I interact with day-to-day. As a student nurse, a lot is expected and many challenges prop up everyday which can be hard to cope with.

Never go with an expectation that's all I can say...lucky for me I gained much much more than I anticipated.

Firstly the group was very well-selected and I built a great rapport with everybody. Even with people who I would normally struggle to engage with became close friends. It was in our group tasks that I suddenly realised that learning a few principles about myself became my main focus. Learning more about me, would give me the positive attitude to do my everyday job much better.

My favourite part of the process was gaining feedback from the each member individually, gaining one positive about yourself and one thing you could take forward. I felt I had so many positives and tools to go ahead and work with.

I found Jo and Andy very supportive throughout the whole process and always had time to run through anything I was unsure of. Towards the end I actually felt quite sad that the course was coming to an end as it felt so good to be a part of it as a team.

I am now seriously considering the master practitioner course as learning more about NLP can only be of more benefit and I know using NLP with others would be extremely rewarding.
SophieStudent Nurse of Essex
Just occasionally a special opportunity presents itself .. often one that you know deep down can be so valuable to you .. But .. the apprehension of stepping over the line..the myriad of conflicting should I’s and shouldn’t I’s ..? is it worth it .. ? how will I fit in with all the other people there ..? and all sorts of other stuff floods through the mental filters ..

Well for me .. I’m so glad I took the positive option and joined this course.. Even before the first morning was over Andy and Jo had seriously impressed everybody there .. and the delegates were all comfortably joining into the discussions .. As the course progressed..light bulb moment after light bulb moment seemed to fill each day as I realised just how often and how positively I could put this stuff into practice .. my only regret is not getting into NLP years ago ..
MichaelWeight Management Adviser of Kent
I booked my place on the NLP Practitioner Programme shortly after attending 'NLP in the healthcare setting - Feeling on top of your world' which was an excellent one day workshop/taster which serves as an introduction to NLP and its use in a healthcare setting. A wide range of health professionals attended, and it was a most enjoyable and inspiring day with enthusiastic and fun presentations by Jo and Andy.

I have also attended the workshop ' How to enjoy presenting and speaking to large groups'. My experiences on this day have significantly improved my confidence and I will be much less apprehensive when asked to present in the future as a result of techniques learned and practised at this session.

My reasons for undertaking the NLP Practitioner programme were twofold, to develop myself personally, learning more about myself and professionally to enhance my communication skills, to learn new strategies for managing staff and perhaps learn techniques I might be able to use with patients, for example, those who are non-compliant with regard to drug treatment.

I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend this course to anyone interested in using NLP to enhance their own life or to add to their skills at work. From my learning on the course I have made some dramatic changes to my life, I was able to identify what is important to me at this stage of my life and I feel empowered for making that decision and having the courage to ask for support. I recognise that everyone has a different view of the world and sometimes we need to use a different approach to get the best out of a person, be they a member of your family, a staff member or a patient.

Andy and Jo are a great team, each have unique attributes and life experience which adds to their knowledge and expertise which they shared with the group. We had some very interesting and inspiring guest speakers during the 6 days and each day was memorable, fun and interactive. I learnt so much from the other course members and we all helped each other to practice our new-found skills in a safe environment.

Andy and Jo keep up the good work and thank you for teaching me so much and giving me the skills to make my life happier and more fulfilled.
HelenNursing Sister of Essex
After years of thinking about doing an NLP Course, I decided to take the plunge after attending the inspiring taster day 'NLP in the Healthcare Setting - Feeling on top of your world'

During the NLP Practitioner Course, I learnt more than I could have imagined - not only about NLP - what it is, the techniques, the language and its' applications, but also about myself. It has literally opened up a whole new world to me and one which I feel excited and motivated to learn much more about.

As a healthcare professional, the techniques I learnt have enhanced my ability to gain rapport quickly with patients, to tailor my communication to each patient to get important health messages across effectively, and to deal with patients' limiting beliefs which hold them back from achieving better health. I also learnt techniques which can be used to help patients stop smoking or lose weight. (Tried it out on each other, and I have not been able to eat a biscuit since - which was my aim!)

On a personal level, the techniques have been immensely helpful in many ways. In particular, I have been able to deal with a limiting belief about myself, which has held me back for a long time, and eliciting what my true values are has helped me to decide how I want to go forward.

I cannot recommend this course highly enough. Jo and Andy delivered the course with such fun, enthusiasm and compassion and with a real personal touch. It was worth every second of precious time and every penny of hard-earned money. My only regret - I did not do this years ago!!"
FionaLocum GP of London