NLP Practitioner

Certified NLP Practitioner Training

Practitioner (noun)- A person actively engaged in an art, discipline, or professionFor us, this definition really sums up what this course is all about. You will learn the art of NLP that you can then apply to your personal and professional life. If you are considering becoming a coach, want to enhance your business skills or add skills to your current repertoire then this course could be the answer you are looking for. Whilst you will receive a recognised practitioner qualification, this course is not just about understanding the theory and application, it is so much more than that!

There will be time and space for you to examine how the way you view your experiences in the past, in the now and in the future can be changed and influenced positively.

The course takes place in multiple parts each of which run over a weekend. Part of the reason for the gap between modules is that you need time to learn and take the feedback between the sessions, to practice, to change and then you come back on the second half ready to take things even further.

We keep our group sizes small to ensure you can really be a part of the experience, work closely with the other people in the group and still be supported as individuals wherever necessary. This also means you’ll have plenty of time to practice and discuss the application of the powerful NLP skills and techniques you’ll be learning.

What you will learn

  • Fully packed days of personal development and powerful learning
  • Know why you think the way you currently do and what new choices are available
  • Be able to step away from a problem and identify what to do about it
  • Enhanced communication and language skills
  • The power of metaphor
  • Using language techniques to facilitate rapid change
  • Letting go of limiting beliefs
  • How to coach people through change
  • Dealing with phobias and unhelpful emotional reactions
  • Identify and utilise your own hidden resources to achieve what you want to achieve
  • Time based techniques to gain emotional control
  • How to protect yourself from stress and conflict
  • Letting go of anger, fear and anxiety
  • Recognise what you really want and what’s important to you
  • Planning to obtain your goals
  • Strategy elicitation, utilisation and change
  • Techniques to change unwanted habits
  • Meta Model and Milton language
  • How to take control of your world
  • Find those new and inner resources to tackle things for yourselves
  • A safe space to work through what’s been holding you back with time to focus on you
  • How to apply everything that you learn into your personal and working life
What else it gives you

We are fully accredited and internationally recognised by the Association of Integrative Psychology (AIP) as an approved training institute of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. As a result, on successful completion of the course you will become a recognised NLP Practitioner. Here’s a summary of what else this course gives you:

  • aip_approved 8-21-06Certified NLP Practitioner qualification as recognised by the AIP
  • Free re-attendance to our future NLP Practitioner courses
  • Dedicated support and post course reminders from qualified staff
  • A full NLP Practitioner manual
  • Exclusive access to our ‘Beyond Learning Zone’
  • Access to our Beyond Community of like-minded and highly skilled Practitioners

One of our fantastic NLP Practitioner groups celebrating the successful completion of the course

So if you are wondering whether this is for you then these questions may help:

  • Are you in a place that you’d never imagine you’d get to, in an environment that you know isn’t good for you?
  • Do you recognise unhelpful behaviours or self sabotage?
  • Is your self-belief sometimes lacking or do you feel that you have forgotten all of those things that were important to you?
  • Can life feel like you are on a rollercoaster at times?
  • Do you want to take your business forward and know you need more skills to manage your team, get clarity or stop getting in your own way?
  • Do you recognise that simply investing in your own personal and professional development can allow you and others to get off the hamster wheel of life and shape it into all that you want it to be?
  • Could having the skills to help others experiencing the same enhance your purpose and skills repertoire

Throughout the modules, we’ll be there to facilitate and guide you as you practice and learn all about communication and how the mind/body/behaviour connection works.  We’ll introduce you to the key skills of NLP and Clean Language and teach you powerful tools to deal with all of the above plus growing permanent confidence, let go of limiting beliefs, build positive strategies, achieve goals and even get rid of fears or phobias! There will be time and space for you to examine how the way you view your experiences in the past, in the now and in the future can be changed and influenced positively.

When you join us at Beyond NLP, we’re there to assist you pre, during and post training. So as well as obtaining accredited NLP qualifications, you have a people focussed support network to assist you in your future development; a service we are proud of.

So, if you know inside, now, if this is the right time for you to move forward, we’d be delighted to be there for the next steps of your journey. 

Dates, Locations & Payment options
  • 4th – 6th Oct plus 25th – 27th Oct plus 6th – 8th Dec 2019 (London Bridge, Central London)  THIS COURSE IS NOW FULL
  • 8th – 10th May plus 5th – 7th June plus 26th – 28th June 2020 (London Bridge, Central London) PLACES AVAILABLE
  • 16th – 18th Oct plus 6th – 8th Nov plus 4th – 6th Dec 2020 (London Bridge, Central London) PLACES AVAILABLE

£2,437.50+vat (£2,925)

Payment options available via monthly payments, discounts available for students.  All major payment options accepted.

25% early bird discount available if booked before 60 days of course start date plus payment plans

Payment options available