NLP Day Workshops

Public Courses

If you have just one or two people within your organisation that require training you may find that our public workshops and full courses are a more cost effective option for you.

Most of our public workshops are held in in Central London.

Just click on the links below for further information and to book online.  If you are booking more than one person, contact us as we do offer discounts for multiple bookings.

Advanced Linguistics

Friday 16th – Monday 19th June – South East London

Our 4 day NLP & Advanced Linguistics course is a powerful add-on for anyone who has previously completed their Practitioner qualification.

An intensive course teaching you advanced techniques for developing quick and lasting changes through the power of language. Click here for more details

Protecting yourself from draining & toxic relationships

Protecting yourself from Toxic RelationshipsFriday 14th July – Central London

If you want to empower yourself to understand why you are being drawn into personal or business relationships that drain rather than sustain you, let go of the lack of self belief that holds you to them and exponentially increase your ability to protect yourself from their toxic effects, this masterclass is your solution

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Confidence Acceleration

Free Confidence Acceleration EventSaturday 15th July 2017 – Central London

Join us to find out how increasing and accelerating your confidence can make a difference to your personal and professional life

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Advanced communication skills for clinicians

Advanced Communications for CliniciansFriday 21st – Saturday 22nd July 2017

This 2 day Masterclass will provide you with advanced communication skills to maximise your clinical effectiveness, encourage patients to take ownership of their own health outcomes and enhance your ability to negotiate and build relationships effectively.

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The Power of NLP

Power of NLP Free TrainingSaturday 12th August 2017 – Central London

A completely free introductory day all about the power of NLP enabling you to step back and take control of life, rather than feeling like it’s taking control of you.  Join Andy Coley and Jo Wilson to find out how Neuro-Linguistic Programming can help you manage your personal and professional life in an entirely different way.

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