NLP Master Practitioner

Master Practitioner is delivered in two modules; the first in London (5 days), the second in a beautiful converted barn on the edge of the New Forest where you stay to enjoy this peaceful retreat for 6 days whilst learning how to take your NLP skills to the next level.

You’ll work alongside others in this small welcoming group, learning from and supporting each other in relaxing surroundings, whilst dare we say it… having fun! This course will equip you with advanced linguistic skills, clean language techniques and the ability to master one to one coaching. Additionally you’ll learn how to model excellence, refine strategy elicitation ability and further enhance your communication.

You’ll also work with associate trainers, who are at the top of their field. Martin Wyse, who worked with John Grinder (co-founder of NLP) will be joining us for module two in the New Forest and will cover unconscious signals and how to utilise these with yourself and those you work with.

What you will learn

  • A recap of all NLP Practitioner level techniques
  • 3 distinct ways of modelling others including modelling skills and modelling states of being
  • How to enable people to model themselves, change unhelpful models and enhance helpful ones
  • Working with strategies, including enabling people to recognise unhelpful strategies and the installation and utilisation of new strategies
  • How to distract the conscious mind and allow deep work at the unconscious level using advanced language techniques
  • Managing your own state, applying protective filters and boundaries
  • Understanding and applying advanced linguistic patterns to create shift
  • How to use metaphors to work at a deep unconscious level, connect to powerful resources and enable change
  • Adapting people’s model by finding the difference that makes the difference and applying to self
  • How to work with your own unconscious signals and how to include unconscious signals in your coaching
  • Negotiation with self and others
  • Utilisation of space to maximise your coaching impact
  • How to analyse and utilise the data coming from people’s language and enable them to recognise the impact of their own language patterns
  • Improve your own confidence in challenging situations including how to present confidently
  • How to design your own NLP based interventions
  • Take your coaching skills to an advanced level to coach artfully, flexible and confidently based on the individual in front of you
  • Refined use of sub modalities to connect to positive resources and enable a more empowering view of the problem or situation
  • A space to allow yourself to reflect, learn and create your own empowering shifts
As we mentioned, these 11 days are split into two lots, 5 of them are in London, near London Bridge, where we give you the grounding in how you learn from other people and model the things you’d like to be or have in your life, plus we spend a lot of time working on language, the unconscious mind, Neuro-Science and how the brain works, how it filters and how it’s the parts of our mind we’re not aware of who are really in charge and know what it is that they want.

The six day retreat element takes place in a converted barn on the edge of the New Forest which takes you out of your normal environment and into a safe and supportive one.   From the first evening there you’ll be relaxing with like minded Practitioners, all keen to learn and grow your new found skills.  You’ll get to show us what you’ve modelled and the difference it’s already making in your life, working with each other for long periods of time, creating real shifts in patterns and thought processes and of course you’ll do all of this within an atmosphere of fun and learning.  The days are intensive and the benefits massive and we’ll make sure your stretched and supported to grow that comfort zone.

You really understand how to apply what you’ve learnt about NLP artfully and masterfully, studying how to coach and facilitate change in people with deep level issues and for those that want to be able to help those close to you or apply the advanced skills in your business and professional lives then this part of the course brings all that into play.

NLP Master Practitioner in the New Forest

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When you join us at Beyond NLP, we’re there to assist you pre, during and post training. So as well as obtaining accredited NLP qualifications, you have a people focussed support network to assist you in your future development; a service we are proud of.

What else it gives you

We are fully accredited and internationally recognised by The Association for NLP (ANLP) as well as the Association for Integrative Psychology (AIP) as an approved training institute of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

As a result, on successful completion of the course you will become a recognised NLP Master Practitioner. Here’s a summary of what else this course gives you:

  • ANLP, The Association for NLP Accredited Trainer

    Certified NLP Master Practitioner qualification as recognised by the ANLP & AIP

  • Free re-attendance to our future NLP Master Practitioner courses*
  • Dedicated support and post course reminders along with a our Practitioner Facebook Group
  • 3 months membership of the ANLP
  •  A full NLP Master Practitioner manual
  •  Exclusive access to your ‘Beyond Learning Zone’ filled with content and information from previous courses

*the only cost for re-attending Master Practitioner will be the residential costs for module two

Dates, Locations & Payment options

Places are available for 2020

Part 1

16th – 20th September 2020 (London Bridge, Central London)

Part 2

17th – 22nd November 2020, residential in New Forest, Hampshire


£4,740+vat (£5,688)

*Price includes accommodation, breakfast and lunch costs for residential part of the course.

20% early bird discount available if booked before 60 days of course start date plus payment plans

Payment options and student discounts available

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