NLP Advanced Linguistics

NLP & Advanced Linguistics

Our 4 day NLP & Advanced Linguistics course is a powerful add-on for anyone who has previously completed their Practitioner qualification.

An intensive course teaching you advanced techniques for developing quick and lasting changes through the power of language.

This course is delivered in conjunction with one of our associate trainers, Martin Wyse, who has an extensive background in engineering, sales, management and telecommunications and who specialises in personal mindset, behavioural change, executive coaching, communication and relationship management. Martin also worked alongside John Grinder, the co-founder of NLP and therefore brings with him a wealth of extraordinary skills and knowledge . Take advantage of this exceptional 4 days to add to your NLP toolbox!


What you will learn

  • Quantum Linguistics
  • Language Structure
  • Verbal Package
  • Hierachy of Ideas
  • Linguistic Presuppositions
  • Slight of Mouth Patterns
  • Meta Model 3
  • Decision Destroyer
  • Linguistic Parts Integration
  • Cartesian Coordinates (Not/Nots)
  • Anticipation Builder
  • De-identification Pattern
  • Time Scramble
  • Thought Viruses, Memetics & Pre Frame Time Bombs
You should ideally be trained to at least NLP Practitioner level, as the elements we cover on these 4 days builds upon all the current knowledge that you have to date.

We will cover both Classic and elements of New Code NLP and know that this course will give you a sophisticated level of skill and ability to develop excellence in practice. In addition you will learn some amazing techniques to empower you in your own self-development and enable you to be the best that you can be.

There will be plenty of time to discuss and practice the application of each of the topics covered so that you’re really able to take these new linguistic techniques forward after the course.

Dates, Location & Price


15th – 18th June 2018


SE London, Hither Green (near Lewisham/Blackheath)


(Early Bird £849+vat before 15th May)

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