Free Webinar – Having the confidence to get your message across

We took a good look at what our clients have trouble with and found that so many people have the same problems — their professional conversations are awkward, lacking in confidence and they lose sales or time because they can’t get people to understand the benefits or best use of their service.  This ends up wasting a lot of time and energy going back and forth trying to figure out what their clients or partners really want.

While this might seem like a lot of different problems, ultimately it all comes down to the same thing: confident, effective communication.

Confidence Experts Andy Coley, Jo Wilson, Shaa Wasmund MBESo we brought another expert on confident professional communication, our good friend Shaa Wasmund (MBE) and recorded our webinar ‘Having the confidence to get your message across’. During this recording you will learn:


  • Why you’d do just as well to not speak if you don’t believe in your own message.
  • The most important things to think about BEFORE you ever start to put your message out there.
  • Why almost no one really listens properly and our strategies for listening that put you ahead in any communication, increase your confidence, and ensure that your message really hits the mark.
  • Exactly how to change limiting beliefs about your ability to communicate effectively.
  • How you can feel confident delivering messages in even the most difficult situations, ranging from tough business conversations to delivering bad news in a clinical situation.