FREE Webinar – Managing Conflict Situations with Confidence

Do you manage conflict well? Do you know how to prepare to avoid a difficult conversation becoming conflict? Do you have a effective ways to enable you to diffuse conflict comfortably?

Join Andy Coley for this next webinar in the confidence series all about how to have the confidence and inner resources to handle potential and actual conflict situations.

Do you find yourself avoiding those difficult conversations because you are afraid they will escalate and then end up unmotivated or frustrated that things haven’t changed?

Do you recognise unresolved issues within your team and feel that you need to be resourced to handle them?

Perhaps you might find yourself wanting to be assertive and manage the problem confidently and yet something stops you or your find that your well meant intentions sometimes just seem to escalate the situation?

This content packed online training will enable you to step back and notice what is going on for you when faced with potential conflict and how to gain the inner resources to manage the situation confidently and effectively.

We look at ways to recognise your own natural reaction to conflict and how the drama triangle affects you and what you need to do to step outside of the triangle and be in control.

We also look at how you can spot conflict and give you some great tips on diffusing the situation as well as helping you know how to put your point across confidently without fear of conflict.

Join The Confidence Expert Andy Coley from Beyond Training Solutions on this interactive, informative and content packed webinar.

There are plenty of helpful questions and opportunites for you to pause and make notes for yourself.  Make sure you have a pen and some paper!

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