FREE Webinar – How to have confidence in tough situations

Despite all the best planning and preperation, sometimes life and situations can just throw in a curve ball.

Andy Coley hosts this webinar all about how to have the confidence and inner resources to handle those tough situations.  So whether at home, work or whilst just out and about we’ll look at how to make sure that you can handle what comes your way.

Our content packed February webinar will allow you to explore how you can ensure you have all the confidence you need to face any situations.

We start by identifying what worked well and not so well the last time around.  How to negotiate effectively without the other person even being there and finally preparing for that conversation.   This simple three step plan is a tool that you’ll be able to use straight away.

There are plenty of helpful questions and opportunites for you to pause and make notes for yourself.  Make sure you have a pen and some paper!

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