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Welcome to our first webinar in the series 'How to be confident'
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webinar1-whatyouneed-sq-small250Can you honestly answer “yes” to the question do you always express what you need?

Or perhaps you find yourself putting your own needs to the bottom of the list?

Perhaps you find yourself becoming overwhelmed because you can’t quite get the confidence to ask for help?

Perhaps you feel that you won’t be listened to and find yourself frustrated with yourself or resentful of others?

Ever feel like you’re not useful or that your time or opinions are not valued highly enough?

So why do we often fail to have the conversations needed to get the changes we desperately want? Some people find that it is at work where others have unreasonable expectations. Others find that it is a partner or children who seem oblivious to all they do. Many find even friends seem to be ignoring their wishes.

Are you comfortable asking for what you want_Whatever the case, feelings of frustration, annoyance and being snappy, sad or upset are generally the symptoms of a lack of communicating your needs.

So what would it be like if you knew how to be confident asking for what you need?

It is likely that you will find that, when you have clarity about what you want and need and then actually ask for that, you will find yourself more internally balanced and fulfilled, have a feeling of accomplishment and ultimately happier.

It’s all about how to be confident on the inside so you can be confident on the outside.

The first in our free confidence webinar series looks at just this – how be confident asking for what you need.

The webinar was Live on the 11th of December and during this we went through knowing what to ask for and how to ask for it. To watch it now, simply complete the form to the right hand side to get sent a link to the recording.

After watching you’ll also receive a bonus package including our eBook of how to communicate with confidence, our video training of how to say no plus some great hints and tips for increasing confidence levels in all areas of your life.

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