FREE Webinar – How to say No with confidence

Janey Lee Grace joins Andy Coley and Jo Wilson for a Webinar
all about how to start saying no to the things you don't want, so that you can say yes to the things you do want

An interesting and informative webinar on how to say Yes, or No depending on what you’d like to have happen.

It sounds easy, just say the words… and yet sometimes we can end up saying the opposite to what WE want due to lots of factors.

Perhaps we’re rescuing the other person, perhaps we feel we have to, or should say it.. or maybe we’re just so used to saying it that we’ve stopped noticing.

You have a choice and Jo Wilson and Andy Coley from Beyond Training Solutions were joined by Author and Broadcaster Janey Lee Grace for a fun and interactive webinar all about how to say what YOU want to say and how to say it!

We provide you with some great techniques to tap into a feeling of confidence and self esteem so that in the future you say whatever you’d like rather than what you think you should say.

The webinar is recorded  so to watch it now, simply complete the form to the right hand side to get sent a link to the recording.

After watching you’ll also receive a bonus package including our eBook of how to communicate with confidence, our video training of how to say no plus some great hints and tips for increasing confidence levels in all areas of your life.

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