Free Resources

Free Resources

Andy Coley and Jo WilsonLife can be enriched by constantly learning and enjoying the learning journey. We find that the wonderful people who join us on our courses realise how important this is as they start to learn more about themselves, their behaviours and how they can change the old patterns that previously held them back.

When you join us on our full courses, you will have access to a dedicated library of videos, audios and written material that we are always adding to.

In the meantime please enjoy any of the FREE RESOURCES on this page and check back from time to time to access new training videos, audios and Ebooks.

We concentrate our free resources in the areas of confidence, communication and change so if there are any other topics you would like us to include, please do let us know.


Andy & Jo

Packed with useful hits and tips, these eBooks are just the job if you want to improve your confidence or communication.

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For details of our content packed webinars where you also get an opportunity to ask us your own questions on confidence, communication and change please click the link below